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Naruto walked out of the office and along the hallways. He walked and wondered about what options he had to pass the test. He could always ask Shikamaru to help him, but on the other hand, he was probably too lazy to help him anyway. The other students had finished their lessons and swarmed towards the exit. Naruto was busy in his thoughts and did not notice where he was going. He walked straight into someone and fell.

"Hey, watch where you are going," Naruto shouted and moaned slightly.

"Sorry," Muttered the person Naruto had walked straight into. "Are you okay?" The person holds a hand towards Naruto to help him up…
Naruto was about to take the hand when he noticed whose hand it was. He got up quickly and started walking toward the end of the hall with quick steps. Away from Sasuke, who was left alone watching him grow distant.

Sasuke watched the blonde walking away rather faster than needed from him, with a frustrated expression on his face. He saw him disappear through the door which closed with a bang.

´What´s wrong with him? He doesn´t look like the same old Naruto.´ Sasuke thought.

Sasuke ran after Naruto, out into the blinding sun that burned in his sensitive black eyes. He found Naruto, he walked despairingly round up on a hill, without knowing where he should go. He was far away in his thoughts as Sasuke ran up to him.

"Oi, Dobe, is there something wrong?" Sasuke asked.

Naruto didn´t answer him. He just continued only in thought and mumbling to himself. Sasuke strained to hear what he mumbled about. The only words he caught were: test, fail, kicked out of school, help. Sasuke had enough sense to put them together so that it sounded like this: ´If I fail the test I will be kicked out of school. I need some help!´ Sasuke waved his hand in front of Naruto´s eyes… No reaction.

Sasuke poked Naruto on his forehead. "Is your head in Wonderland?" Sasuke asked.

Naruto screamed with fright as he was torn away from his thoughts. "S-Sasuke?" Naruto asked gloomy.

´Since when was he here? And no less, why would he be?´ Naruto thinks as he looks sideways at Sasuke.

"Welcome back from Wonderland, Alice," Sasuke said, trying to hide a smile, but failed.

"What do you want Sasuke?" Naruto asked a little moldy.

´I have no time to talk right now, so spit out.´ Naruto thought.

"Is it true what I hear?" Sasuke asked with a teasing glance.

"I don´t know. What have you heard?" Naruto asked.

"Nothing special. Just that you will be kicked out of school, if you fail the next test." Sasuke said, he sounded as if it were unimportant.

"Who told you that!?" Naruto asked angrily and clenched his fists.

"Can´t say," Sasuke said with a teasing tone.

"Teme!" Naruto shouted and pushed Sasuke down. Naruto had pushed so hard that both of them rolled down the hill.

"Oi, Usuratonkachi, be a little more careful next time," Sasuke said, rubbing the back of his head as it had hit the ground pretty hard.

"Shut up Sasu-Teme!" Naruto muttered. His mutter was coming from Sasuke stomach.

Sasuke opened his eyes and saw that Naruto was on top of him. Naruto lifted his head and looked straight into Sasuke´s eyes. Ocean meets night. Naruto was so close to Sasuke that he could see the pupils in Sasuke´s midnight black eyes. The sun reflected off of Sasuke´s pearl white skin. One of Sasuke black locks fell down his beautiful and completely perfect and handsome face. Naruto´s heart began beating faster.

´Stop that, heart!´ Thought Naruto. ´Stop or else he´ll notice it!´

Naruto got up quickly and brushed the dirt from his pants. He held out a hand towards Sasuke to offer him help up. Sasuke took Naruto´s hand and Naruto pulled him up. When Sasuke took Naruto´s hand, Naruto didn´t want to let go. Sasuke´s skin was as soft as the finest silk, his hand was so nice and warm. Naruto could keep holding Sasuke´s hand for eons.

"You can let go of my hand now," Sasuke said and slowly pulled his hand away, though he did not want to let go of Naruto´s soft hand. Naruto blushed and reluctantly let go.

"How about I come over and help you prepare yourself for the next test?" Sasuke asked.

"Um ..." Naruto started thinking about it.

´Hmm, if I don´t get help with the test, I will be kicked out of school. Plus I shall have to deal with dad after that, which is not gonna be fun. Sasuke is smart and he gets top marks in all the classes. He would be the best help I could get, but if the same weird things are gonna happen as today then ... ´ Naruto thought.
what will Naruto answer?
Will he say no? yes?
find out next time

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The story is edited by Pyar-Nite16 [link] Thank you so much for your help Pyra :)

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